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DYNA 2000 IGNITIONS - 4 CYLINDER Prog module only

DYNA 2000 IGNITIONS - 4 CYLINDER Prog module only

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Description & Specs
    The Dyna 2000 has the following built in features.
  • FULLY STATIC TIMEABLE- You can set the timing accurately to the desired value without having the engine running. INDEPENDENT 1/4 2/3 CYLINDER TIMING- The Dyna dual sensor crank trigger uses one sensor for cylinders 1 & 4 and the other cylinder for 2 & 3 allowing you to accurately set the timing for each cylinder pair. BUILT-IN STATIC TIMING LIGHT- An LED light built into the Dyna 2000 ignition module allows you to monitor the crank trigger signal status and easily set the ignition timing. FIVE DIFFERENT ADVANCE CURVES- You can advance slowly to dial out pinging on high compression motors or bring the advance in quickly on quick revving motors or select a curve in between to maximize the performance of your combination. FOUR DIFFERENT RETARD MODES- The Dyna 2000 is an ideal solution for turbo or nitrous combinations. TEST MODE- System check out and troubleshooting is a breeze with this feature. SAFETY INTERLOCK INPUT- You can keep your side stand safety switch functional or hook up a theft prevention switch, or activate a shift lever kill for road racing. BROAD RANGE REV LIMITER- The Dyna 2000 rev limiter is adjustable from 8500 to 16,000 rpm to let you run in any range you want. DIGITAL TACH OUTPUT- Your tachometer will run smooth and accurate, even at the rev limit. HIGH ENERGY- An innovative dwell control scheme maximizes spark energy all the way to 16,000 rpm! The Dyna 2000 can be used with 2.2 ohm or 3 ohm coils. EASY MOUNTING- The Dyna 2000 ignition module has built in frame saddles to make mounting anywhere a breeze.
  • COMPLETE WIRING HARNESS- The Dyna 2000 kit includes a complete wiring harness to simplify installation.
  • LOW COST!- The Dyna 2000 system in most cases costs less than a stock ignition box.